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TCL and Lake Asphalt to Participate in Pilot Project to Address Labour Productivity Print E-mail
Written by Tameshwar Geer   

On Tuesday Match 10th, 2009, TTMA members Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited and Trinidad Cement Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding, sealing their commitment to participating in the “Improving Labour Productivity Through Internal Corporate Social Responsibility Interventions” project.  

CEO of Lake Asphalt Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited, Mr. Wayne Wood, signs the Memorandum of Understanding with the TTMA















CEO of Lake Asphalt Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited, Mr. Wayne Wood, signs the Memorandum of Understanding with the TTMA

The project, which is being financed by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank, aims to demonstrate the gains and advantages of implementing internal CSR practices as evidenced by correspondent increases in labour productivity within the participating companies.

Mr. Mouttet stated that the results of this project—which is a pilot—will be used to develop a model through which this approach can be adopted and replicated by other companies in Trinidad and Tobago’s Labour intensive manufacturing and service sectors.

He noted that the two companies that have agreed to participate in the project are ideally suited, given their organizational differences: TCL being a large company that has been involved in CSR activities, and Lake Asphalt, a medium-sized company which forms an integral part of the La Brea community.

MIF Operations Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank, Vashtie Dookiesingh noted one of the main factors affecting Trinidad and Tobago’s competitiveness is the level of productivity of the workforce.  “The hypothesis that we’re testing with this project is-if you make the environment and conditions of workers better, do you get attendant benefits,” she said.

Ms. Dookiesingh revealed that the total cost of the project is US$165,000 with the MIF contributing US $115,000.  The TTMA’s contribution over the life of the project is US $50,000.

She expressed the hope that the results of the project will encourage other companies to take a closer look at CSR and how it could be used as a strategic tool, and also encourage them to focus their interventions internally by investing in the workforce.

The consultant engaged for the project, Dr. André Vincent Henry cited research that showed that more than 85% of problems with productivity in the workplace could be addressed internally.

Dr. Henry commended the two participating companies, stating that the commitment of the Chief Executive Officers of TCL and Lake Asphalt would have a positive effect on project implementation. 

He said he expected that by the end of the project, each company would have a productivity enhancement programme that is owned jointly by management and labour.  “Such a programme should be able to sustain itself through continuing improvements of the partners in the company,” he said. 

“Productivity improvement is not a sprint, but a long distance race,” Dr. Henry noted.

Dr. Henry said the approach that will be used is one that is based on improved human resource quality, better work organization, innovative products and process, a total quality orientation and an enhanced capacity to adapt to constantly changing economic environment - in short - total productivity improvement.
















Mr. Nicholas Mouttet, Chairman of the TTMA’s Social Infrastructure Committee, addresses the audience.

















General Manager of Trinidad Cement Limited, Mr. Satnarine Bachew, shakes TTMA CEO Natasha Mustapha-Scott’s hand.

















Left-Right: Satnarine Bachew, TCL, Anne Phillip, TCL, Dr. André Vincent Henry, Consultant, Ms. Sati Jagmohan, Lake Asphalt, Mr. Wayne Wood, Lake Asphalt.














Left-Right: Dr. André Vincent Henry, Consultant, Satnarine Bachew, TCL, Mr. Wayne Wood, Lake Asphalt, TTMA CEO Natasha Mustapha-Scott.



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